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...Hopes, Dreams, and Love...
a simple girl floating on her cloud
My Return! 
30th-May-2009 01:22 am
Carmen Sandiego
I haven't written on here in like a million years because I went off and started a blog on Blogger... but that's not really making me happy like LJ does. And now that I have been swept into the Star Trek fandom after watching the movie about 3 times (bc it was just that fucking awesome!) I have once again remembered how great LJ is with its communities full of fan love and amazing fics. Blogger just doesn't have any of that... no communities... no dorkiness... I think I just went over there for all the wrong reasons. My brain is persuading me to just come back.

Dear Brain: Yes... Yes I think your right. I will come back. Where would I be without you?


Now did I mention that the Star Trek movie was absolute amazing! I just have to reiterate that. Because it was so made of win. I never thought this would ever happen but I am totally sucked into the fandom! Haha does that make me a Trekkie now? Only JJ could bring such a closed off fandom to the rest of the public in such an ingenius way! Thanks to him I now completely understand and appreciate why fanfiction originated from Trek universe. Before the movie I just couldn't understand it. But now I understand it completely and why it is just so epic. 
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