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...Hopes, Dreams, and Love...
a simple girl floating on her cloud
6th-Dec-2009 04:50 am
Pretty Parasoles
It's been forever since I've been on here. Here's a quick low down...

1) Working at a new job. At first there was nothing to it. But now my hours are ridiculous and I feel like I'm about to drop dead at any moment. Good thing it is only a 10 month assignment. But I don't know if I can last without permanent damage...

2) Work drama...

3) Love my papa!

4) Finally got around to reading all of the Twilight Saga! And I proudly did it before New Moon came out (took only about 3 to 4 days even with my crazy work hours!) I have to say that I enjoyed them even though Breaking Dawn was a huge wtf??? But even with the head scratching from BD it was still good over all. Eclipse would have to be my favorite. I love how its the height of the love triangle. I think it will make the best movie too.

Quick recap of movie thoughts:

Twilight = Miserable + Cheap

New Moon = hot Hot HOT Jacob. 

Did I mentioned that I am Team Jacob? And yes that opinion was based when I was reading the books. Although I think Bella isn't good enough for him and she can have Edward. I just want Jacob to be happy because he is my favorite lol. I honestly still don't fully get the whole Bella/Edward thing either. They are a bit boring.

I also have to note how very proud of myself for making some icons today.
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