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...Hopes, Dreams, and Love...
a simple girl floating on her cloud
Otakon 2010 
4th-Aug-2010 06:54 pm
The Elements
I went to Otakon in Baltimore last weekend with a couple of friends and had a great time. It wasn't my first convention but it was my first time at Otakon (as well as Baltimore - that I can remember) with is supposedly the biggest anime convention on the East coast. I didn't really get to go to any of the good panels since all the good ones were on Friday (not to mention the Avatar panel they moved from Saturday to Friday last minute which was upsetting). But regardless of that I got to see all of the great costumes and took pictures all excitedly like the fangirl I am deep down.

I saw the AMV contest which was okay but didn't have any stand out videos. I also saw the Masquerade and the cosplay contest both of which were seriously boring. There was only about 3 or 4 skits out of the 40 which were any good. The rest were miserable. Not to mention someone pulled the fire alarm on Saturday which was really freaking annoying since it disrupted a lot of the events as well as my time in the dealers room and art gallery. I was able to make up that time shopping on Sunday however which made up for all the disappointments, thankfully. I ended up buying a whole bunch of cutesy stuff so I went home a very happy girl and didn't break the bank in the process which is always an accomplishment.

I learned from the whole experience that I need a better digital camera. The one I have was one that was given to me for free from a friend who got it at the lost in found in her job. Note: after 30 days the employees get to keep all lost items so it wasn't stealing lol. The battery runs out really fast on the camera for some reason so I think its no good... I think I might upgrade for my bday. I would have to make a promise to use my camera more though and not let it go to waste like everything else I get if I do upgrade. 
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