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...Hopes, Dreams, and Love...
a simple girl floating on her cloud
Semblance of Perfection? 
16th-Sep-2010 06:53 pm
Eat Sleep Read
For once it seems like everything in my life is falling into order. It feels almost too good to be true. Usually when I have a moment like this something comes out of left field and rips the semblance of perfection into smithereens. So I am extremely weary at the moment. I really don't want to give into it lol. I declare that I won't until about 2 months in and then we will see if everything is still going good.

On a separate note fanfiction has creeped back into my life and I daresay that it might be trying to take over my brain which isn't so good since I have a lot to focus on in my life like getting everything on track so that I don't become a waste of space later on. The positive however is that my brain is squeeing to its hearts content and who am I to deny it that satisfaction lol. 
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